APC Tracking

APC Overnight Tracking is your indispensable tool for staying updated on the status and location of your shipments and cargo. Think of it as the logistical GPS for your deliveries. Whether you’re sending a crucial business consignment or a special package, ensuring its timely and accurate arrival is paramount. APC Tracking seamlessly integrates into this process, allowing you to monitor your shipment’s journey from the moment it’s dispatched until it successfully reaches its destination, providing you with confidence and clarity in your logistics operations.

About APC Overnight

APC Overnight stands as a prominent courier company in the United Kingdom, specializing in swift next-day deliveries. Established in 1985, it has undergone substantial growth and now ranks among the nation’s largest and most esteemed courier services. APC Overnight offers an extensive array of delivery solutions, encompassing:

Next-Day Delivery

At the heart of APC Overnight’s offerings lies its core service of next-day delivery. This service comprises various next-day delivery choices, including timed deliveries and service to specific postcodes.

International Delivery

Expanding its reach globally, APC Overnight extends international delivery services to more than 200 countries across the world.

Same-Day Delivery

For situations demanding immediate attention, APC Overnight offers a reliable same-day delivery service, ensuring rapid transportation of urgent packages.

Pallet Delivery

Catering to bulkier and weightier items, APC Overnight presents a pallet delivery service tailored to meet these specialized shipment needs.

How Can I Track My APC Package?

Tracking your APC package is a piece of cake. Here’s how it works: When you send a package using APC’s services, they give you a special number. It’s like a secret code just for your package. You take this code, pop over to the APC website, and enter it into their tracking tool. In the blink of an eye, you’ll see where your package is and when it’s expected to arrive. It’s as simple as ordering your favorite pizza online.

What time does APC Postal Logistics Delivery?

APC Overnight’s package deliveries take place during the weekdays, from Monday to Friday, during the hours of 8 am to 5 pm. Additionally, if you require a more precise delivery window, APC Overnight provides a timed delivery service that empowers you to select a specific time slot for your package to reach its destination.

What Happens if APC Logistics Is Late?

If APC Overnight misses the scheduled delivery time for your package, there’s a chance you could receive compensation. APC Logistics has a well-defined compensation policy designed to assist customers in case of delayed deliveries. To initiate a compensation claim, it’s essential to get in touch with APC Overnight’s customer service.

How fast is APC Delivery?

When it comes to packages sent within the country, most APC services aim to deliver your item in about three business days, depending on how the sender chose to send it. But if your package is headed for another country, you can usually expect it to arrive within six business days from the time an APC courier picks it up. To get a better idea of what APC services suit your needs, let’s take a closer look at them below.

APC Tracking

APC Overnight Tracking Delivery Hours

APC Overnight follows a regular delivery schedule from Monday through Friday, operating between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. However, they understand that your schedule may demand more precision, and that’s where their timed delivery service comes in. With this option, you can handpick the exact time of day you want your package delivered. Your timed delivery choices encompass:

  • Before 10 am
  • Before 12 noon
  • Before 4 pm

This flexibility ensures that your delivery aligns perfectly with your daily agenda, making sure your package reaches you precisely when you need it.

Do APC Tracking Deliver on Sunday?

Sundays are usually a day of rest for APC. They don’t usually make standard deliveries on Sundays. However, in some places or for special cases, they might offer weekend deliveries. It’s best to check with your local APC Tracking Depot if you have a Sunday delivery request.

Can I track an APC Package by address?

APC Tracking works its magic using the unique tracking number assigned to your package, not the delivery address. So, if you ever need to find out where your package is, make sure you have that special number handy. If you’re having trouble, you can always get in touch with APC’s friendly customer support for assistance.

APC Customer Service

APC Tracking provides customer support through phone, email, and live chat channels, ensuring accessibility for customers. Their dedicated customer service team operates round the clock, offering assistance not only with tracking inquiries but also addressing any other concerns or issues customers may encounter.

Phone Number

0800 37 37 37


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