UMAC Tracking

UMAC Cargo Tracking offers a service that lets you monitor the progress of your shipments, ensuring you’re informed about their whereabouts during transit. This is known as tracking, and it’s a way to stay updated on the location and status of your packages as they move from one place to another.

How to Track UMAC Cargo Express Online

To track your UMAC Express shipment online, go to our real-time tracking system. Input your specific UMAC tracking number into the provided field, then press the “Track” button. This action triggers the system to display information about your shipment’s current location and movement.

Example of a UMAC Tracking Number

A UMAC cargo express tracking number serves as a unique identifier for each shipment. It’s a combination of letters and numbers assigned to your package. This tracking number is like a digital label that helps you trace and follow your shipment’s journey. Here is the example of Tracking Number of UMAC: UMTC357975.

Tracking Your UMAC Express Cargo Box After Dispatch

Once your package has been sent out for delivery, you can keep tabs on its progress by using your assigned UMAC tracking number. This number lets you follow your box’s movement as it travels through different stages of the shipping process, from the moment it leaves until it arrives at its destination.

Balikbayan Box Tracking

If you’re sending a Balikbayan (a box filled with items sent to the Philippines), you can use the same Balikbayan Box tracking process to monitor its journey. Just like with other shipments, you’ll use your tracking number of UMAC to keep track of its status and whereabouts.

Freedom Cargo Tracking

If you’ve utilized Freedom Cargo services in conjunction with UMAC, you can use the tracking number provided by Freedom Cargo to monitor your shipment’s progress and stay informed about its delivery status.

Tracking Methods of UMAC Forwarders Express Philippines

UMAC Cargo Express Philippines provides multiple ways for you to track your shipments. These methods can include online tracking through our website and assistance from their customer service team, ensuring you have various options to choose from. Here are a few ways to track your Boxes:

Track via Website: To track your box’s status using the website, navigate to their tracking section. There, you’ll find a space to input your UMAC number. Once entered, click the “Track” button, and the website will display the latest information about your box’s whereabouts and progress.

Track Using Email: Another way to track your box is by sending an email to UMAC Cargo Express customer service. Include your tracking number in the email along with a request for an update on your shipment’s status. Their team will respond with the latest information regarding your box’s journey. Here is the email: ([email protected])

UMAC Tracking

Track It via Phone: If you prefer a more direct approach, you can track your box by calling UMAC Forwarders Express via phone. Dial their customer service number and provide them with your BOX tracking number. The customer service representative will then give you the current details about your box’s location and movement. Here is the phone number: (+63284707872).

By following this method you can track your Balikbayan BOX too.

Phone Number



UMAC FORWARDERS EXPRESS INC, 130 Ipil St. cor. Ipil Ext., Marikina Heights, Marikina City 1810, Philippines

Getting the Exact Location of Your Parcel

While you can track the general location and movement of your parcel using the UMAC tracking number, it might not offer real-time, pinpoint GPS-based tracking. For more precise information about your parcel’s location, you can reach out to UMAC Cargo Express customer support.

Delivery Time of Umac Cargo

Shipments to the Philippines generally require a timeframe of 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.


UMAC Cargo provides efficient tracking services that enable customers to monitor the progress of their shipments. By using the unique UMAC tracking number, individuals can easily trace the status and location of their packages by following the above method.